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Feed Them Moneyfeed money to politicians and they'll do whatever you want. sadly this is the way of the world these days. take kyoto, for example.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living19k
Shockroom: Bunnysickroom bunny. it's sadistic, but that doesn't make it funny. inspired by joe cartoon, but even less pleasant as the rabbit is cute.
5/10Interactive AnimationSickGorey96k
Docteur Mixi think i missed the point of this one. you click on a man's mouth and he sticks his tongue out, click his nose and he picks it, and so on. there might be more to it, or it might just be pointless.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunnyWeb art89k
Dumpsterlook in someone's psychological dumping ground.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living59k
Live And Let Dive [url moved] another work of distorted genius from joe, this time about a lemming colony.
8/10Interactive AnimationSickGorey945k
The Swamipick a card and the psychic swami will read your mind. now how did that work? great visuals and music.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyImaginativeCard and Board379k
Smart-ass Guide To San Franciscowhat different areas of san francisco are really like, as a series of little animations. innovative, and probably worth a look if you're going on holiday there.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyEducationalModern living263k
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Hazethe classic hendrix song combined with a not so interactive flash pop video to make something of a virtual drug trip. takes a while to download, but it's a classic song and the visuals capture something of it.
6/10Interactive AnimationSeriousMusicWeb artClassic2300k
Jesus Dress Updress jesus up in inappropriate clothes, then mock him. it's just like being a roman.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyParody109k
Frog Blender [url moved] the frog in the blender. ten speeds. one short lived frog. sadistic, but immensely popular.
6/10Interactive AnimationSickGoreyClassic384k
Dance Of The Bbq Pig [url moved] make the pig on the barbeque dance, by moving your mouse. based on a food poisining trip.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunny198k
Whole Lot Of Lovefeed your husband grotty sandwiches to win his undying love, but why bother?
4/10Interactive AnimationSickModern living177k
Bash The Boss [url moved] a man comes out of a box on a spring, and you get to punch him while he's helpless.
5/10Interactive AnimationViolentModern living102k
Joe Fish [url moved] don't just drown the puppy, feed it to the piranhas. this is extremely sadistic. (editorial note - we've been informed the puppy was a gerbil.)
7/10Interactive AnimationSickGorey1059k
The Chip Monstersmake a face from a kit of parts. funny sound effects add a lot of fun.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyCreativeWeb art193k
Raging Billpunch bill gates. he might be rich, but can he box? anything to help you feel better about your life of non achievement and plans that came to nothing
6/10Interactive AnimationViolent116k
The Real Thangdancing coke can gets down for you.
5/10Interactive AnimationFunnyMusic57k
Tipiwanenjoyable french interactive animation about a tepee. pointless but nice.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyWeb artCuteAbstractInnocent700k
Micro Gerbil [url moved] microwave a sarcastic rodent.
7/10Interactive AnimationSickModern livingClassicGorey751k
Beat Something Upchoose something and pulverise it.
5/10Interactive AnimationFunny41k
Look At My Monkey [url moved] watch a man spank his monkey. as sick as you'd expect from joe cartoon, the gifted cartoonist who went over to the dark side.
8/10Interactive AnimationSickGoreyneeds sound card484k
David Bowieremix bowie. see bowie art. explore bowie world. and make bowie your isp. i have no comments on bowie world as st. peter knocked my computer over, every time i tried to get in.
6/10Interactive AnimationThought ProvokingMusicWeb art100k
The Emergency Excuse Machine [url moved] makes up bad excuses along the lines of 'my dog ate my homework'. you can type the problem, but it ignores what you type anyway. if it doesn't help, email me, and if i have time, i'll make a cartoon about how you can get out of your mess.
3/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living134k
Sharpenerobvious, puerile innuendo with a pencil sharpener.
5/10Interactive AnimationFunnyneeds sound cardModern living254k
Modern Living - By Hoogerbruggeoriginal and thought provoking interactive art - i really like this one. it's hard to describe, but as it doesn't take that long to download, just take a look. very stylish.
9/10Interactive AnimationThought ProvokingWeb artModern livingMusicImaginative130k
Huxley's Chemistry Pop Quiz [url moved] mix chemicals, try all the things you weren't allowed to in school.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyEducational876k
Pepsi-girl Wheel Of Deathhilarious face-off of the beverages. (this site has been experiencing technical difficultiess. if the cartoon does not load the first time, press refresh on your browser.)
9/10Interactive AnimationFunnyGorey1387k
Alphazekko [url moved] starts off as a superb sci-fi adventure, but degenerates into a follow the light sequence game, which is a pity as the cartoon is excellent all round, and i'd prefer to just watch it.
8/10Interactive AnimationSeriousneeds sound cardCuteAdventurePuzzle688k
Bubbles By Modern Livingblow bubbles and pop them
7/10Interactive AnimationThought ProvokingModern livingAbstract51k
Fatty Big Eyefatty big eye's trial and tribulations. cult series, now of epic proportions.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunny300k
Lump [url moved] lump - the dog that's lost all its legs by being stupid. the sad thing is, we've all known a dog this stupid, only luckier.
6/10Interactive AnimationSickGorey935k
Salary Negotiator [url moved] negotiate your salary with a series of yes/no questions.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living147k
Nipple Twisterare they silicon implants or are they real breasts? play with them and find out.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunny296k
Where My Dog? [url moved] a man ties his dog to his car, he forgets about it and drives off. those who know joe cartoon may think he has a particularly sick imagination. that's undeniable. this one, however, is based on a true story.
7/10Interactive AnimationSickGoreyDriving1176k
Love Testercomputerised divination. like one of those psychic 8 ball things
5/10Interactive AnimationThought Provoking59k
Nobody Heredoes for literature what jackson pollok did for art. splash some words on a page.
5/10Interactive AnimationThought ProvokingWeb artAbstract55k
Virtual Office [url moved] click on someone and they'll say something that's supposed to be funny. but never is. i don't believe that anyone, in the whole history of humanity has ever been bored enough to make this worthwhile.
2/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living140k
Crash Test Dumb Asswhat's the last thing to go through a crash test dummy's mind (before his shoulder) when he piles into a brick wall? experimenting on dummies is inhumane and animals should be used instead.
7/10Interactive AnimationViolentneeds sound card610k
Book Of Spellsa dungeree'd dumb dude browses his grandmother's spell book for a beer. well animated, but doesn't hit the spot.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunny649k
Nanna Hooter [url moved] nanna shows you how to firm up your breasts.
6/10Interactive AnimationSickGoreyneeds sound card853k
Zelda [url moved] kill the old man from the legend of zelda, with one of a number of weapons. no challenges, and not funny.
4/10Interactive AnimationSickParody160k
Pumpkin Carverclick his forehead and he chops a bit with his axe. that is absolutely all that happens.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunny217k
Stress Relief Acquariumtorture a fish that doesn't deserve it. stress relief for pet shop workers.
8/10Interactive AnimationViolentClassicCute344k
Britney Brawlwrestling game - britney spears verses loverboy bill.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyGorey601k
Dunk A Candidatepolitical candidates in the stocks. not really all that funny though
5/10Interactive AnimationViolentShooting277k
Hit The Dumpyou have your victim, now assault him. nothing new. i wonder why there are so many of these about...
5/10Interactive AnimationViolent115k
High Impact Workoutincrease the tempo on an aerobics class and see what happens.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnySportParody409k
Mime Vs Handfight-club without schizophrenia.
6/10Interactive AnimationViolentGorey361k
Angry Kid Bored Game [url moved] put words in a kid's mouth so that he says rude things. ho ho registration required.
4/10Interactive AnimationSickGorey925k
Shockroom: Cupidcupid on the electric chair
4/10Interactive AnimationSickGorey179k
Alchohol And Ammoin william tell style, shoot the apple off the darwin awards contestant's head.
8/10Interactive AnimationViolentShooting466k
Dr Rabbit Treats Serial Killeryou play the part of the serial killer. watch doctor rabbit move out the way and psychoanalyse you while you try to shoot him.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyShootingModern living152k
Who Wants To Dunk A Millionairedunk a game show winner, or throw things at them
5/10Interactive AnimationViolentShooting233k
Madonnauninspired mix of madonna, video and game. capture tokens from madonna's video and then at the end, you can edit the bits you captured tokens for. also features ali g singing 'ride the punami' which i preferred to madonna, but maybe that's just me.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyMusicCreative2300k
Just Shut Upmake your boss shut up, put those virtual fantasies into practice.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunny157k
Knotty Kittyuntangle the knotted kitten.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyCuteGorey361k
Stock Bites: Clown Suit [url moved] irate stock broker with an angry attitude, supposedly for our amusement, but beyond parodying a type, there's no humour involved. free registration required.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunnyneeds sound cardModern livingParody1148k
Magic Showfamous heads come out of the hat, and say something nearly funny, but not quite.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunny102k
Jib Jabhistorical and political figures rap for you with photo montage style visuals. scratch and slide them as you like.
8/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern livingMusic1000k
Celine Hits [url moved] punch celine dion. quiet funny, as these things go.
2/10Interactive AnimationViolentMusic199k
Grab-asswatch johnny nashville die for you in a variety of ways.
5/10Interactive AnimationSickParody631k
Night Outhear cheap chat up lines, and respond appropriately.
5/10Interactive AnimationFunny124k
Soldes Victor Modelchoose a mouth, a haircut etc. and feel proud of what you've created. stylish, but not that much fun.
4/10Interactive AnimationFunnyCreative115k
Ez Toonsmake your own cartoons online
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyCreative300k
Lonely Valentine [url moved] this is how (some) lonely men celebrate valentine's day.
6/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living129k
Stan Lee's Evil Clone [url moved] now does that apostrophe mean the evil clone of stan lee, or the evil clone created by stan lee? is there a difference? is a man not the sum of his creations? anyway, back to the plot (which there isn't really in this case). hear the rants of an evil clon
5/10Interactive AnimationFunnyParodyneeds sound card400k
Case Study: Cell Phones And You [url moved] put a powerful radio transmitter next to your head; what do you think will happen? funny and entertaining, but serious point behind it. free registration required.
9/10Interactive AnimationFunnyEducationalModern living3379k
Joe Cock-frogjoe cartoon spoof. well not really a spoof as it's exactly the same sort of thing, but less so.
5/10Interactive AnimationSickneeds sound cardParodyGorey559k
The Yes Man [url moved] let the cartoon character tell you things you want to hear. it didn't make me laugh and i laugh at pretty much anything.11
4/10Interactive AnimationFunny68k
Virtual Suck Up [url moved] be sucked up to by a virtual game show host. good as far as it goes, but as tiresome as the real thing. free registration required.
7/10Interactive AnimationFunnyneeds sound cardModern livingParody1402k
Ask The Brain [url moved] do you have a problem? you can now ask the pickled brains of ronald raegan, bill gates, your mother and picachu. doesn't really understand of course, but fun anyway.
5/10Interactive AnimationFunnyModern living369k
Virtual Bossanother outlet for all your misplaced office aggression.
4/10Interactive AnimationViolent1191k
Election Name Gamehelp remembering the words 'gore' and 'bush' for those who need it. might be a bit slow for the rest of you.
3/10Interactive AnimationFunnyGorey100k
Workshopchristmas at santa's grotto
4/10Interactive AnimationFunny143k
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